Spend Less, Get More From Your Dumbbells

triple your dumbbell set

The Dumbbell Micro Plates can triple your current set of dumbbells simply by clamping on our 1LB, 1.25LB or 2.5LB Dumbbell Plates to your dumbbells!

Versatile Use

The Dumbbell Micro Plates clamp onto the handle of most dumbbell types like neoprene, rubber and steel dumbbells!

Durable & Secure

Micro Gainz Dumbbell Plate are tough enough to be thrown around the gym and stay on the handle!

Fractional Weight Plates

Your favorite Micro Plates now come in multiple colors! Great for adding just a little more weight to the barbell when you need it


Shipping & Returns

Micro Gainz offers International Shipping to several countries right on the website. If you do not see your country on the list then email mike@microgainz.com to get a quote for direct international shipping to your particular country.

Yes you can. We have a 30 day return policy on all our Micro Gainz products. Email your order number to mike@microgainz.com and we can set up your return.

Yes we have a warranty on all of our products. Please see the "warranty" section in the footer on the website.


Fractional weight plates are great for adding incremental weight to the barbell. We often talk about progressive overload in weightlifting. In other words adding a little bit of weight each session to your lifts. Many lifters do this until they plateau. If we could keep adding weight every week forever we could all bench press cars! Sometimes taking a smaller jumps is needed depending on the exercise or workout regimen.

When you hit that plateau and may need to consider fractional plates to keep the gainz rolling. As an example maybe you can’t get the reps you want with a 340lb bench press so you do 337.5lbs to get all your reps instead using 2 of the 1.25lb plates. That’s just one possible option. The fractional plates can be used for PR attempts too.

Dumbbells typically go up by 5lbs. So 25,30,35,40lb etc. Depending on the exercise it can be tough to go up by 5lbs on dumbbell exercises. That’s where the Micro Gainz 1.25lb dumbbell plates come into play. You can easily clamp them onto the handle of your favorite dumbbells to add incremental weight. Thus a 20lb dumbbell is now a 22.5lb dumbbell.

Once again using the progressive overload principle we can add a little but of weight to your dumbbell making the exercise more manageable. This means better form and more gainz for you! Check them out as they are the best way to add weight to dumbbells!

A Micro Gainz GymPin helps you add incremental weight to your weight machines. This is done by sliding your Gympin into a weight stack on a weight machine. Then you can add any Olympic plate to the pin to add additional weight. So now you do not have to worry about those 10-15lb jumps that are typical on weight machines. With the GymPin you can make 2.5lb jumps or 5lb jumps etc. It is a great way to break a plateau on your weight machine!