About Us

Hello! My Name is Mike Reed and I am the founder and CEO of Micro Gainz!

In 2016 I was following a linear strength training program where you add 5lbs to each exercise every time the exercise is performed. I discovered a need for fractional weight plates as the 5lb jumps in weight became too tough to sustain on bench press and overhead press.

After researching micro plates I discovered the need for accurate, affordable micro plates that were made right here is the USA. I then decided to start my own business, thus Micro Gainz was born. The Micro Gainz fractional plates are made from sintered metal, calibrated for precise weight, and powder coated for durability! They are also made right here in my hometown of Clearfield Pennsylvania!

After developing Micro Gainz micro plates for barbells I invented and then patented the Micro Gainz Dumbbell Micro Plate. This unique micro plate will clamp onto the handle of most dumbbells and allow the user to go up in small increments on dumbbell exercises.

Micro Gainz continues to expand and grow. We offer many USA made weightlifting products to help lifters build strength and break plateaus. I plan to make Micro Gainz a well known name in the weightlifting community!