Micro Gainz Dumbbell Plates are an excellent solution for achieving smaller weight jumps and improving progressive overload. With several versatile weight increments, you can easily bridge the gap between most dumbells, saving you space and money.

Adam Hensley, Garage Gym Lab

I like what Micro Gainz has done with the dumbbell add on weights. This gives me more weight variety in small increments without having to buy additional dumbbells. They allow me to make small jumps in weight and continue to progressively overloading. Made of steel and metal parts is promising for durability. And a strong torsion spring keeps them tightly on my dumbbells for safety.

Jose, Shredded Dad

I use Micro Gainz fractional plates on exercises like bench, overhead press, and other exercises when I feel like ive been stuck on a certain weight.

Adrian Gluck, Gluck’s Gym

I fell in love with Micro Gainz because of their barbell fractional plates. I was blown away by their dumbbell fractional plates! If you haven’t checked out what Micro Gainz has for sale you are missing out!

Matt Reynolds, Owner of Barbell Logic

These Micro Gainz dumbbell add-ones are a game changer. Spring-loaded steel fractional plates can easily bridge the gap between dumbbell weight increments. For example, my 60-100s in 10lb increments now have 2lb, 2.5lb, 4.5lb, 5lb, 7lb, 7.5lb, and 9.5lb increments. Very cool!!

Adam Hensley, Garage Gym Lab

Micro Gainz are highly accurate fractional weight plates that are made in the USA. They're high-quality, slim, attractive, and well priced. If you're following some sort of linear progression like Starting Strength and want to add weight to bar slowly, these are a great option.

Coop, Garage Gym Reviews