How I Doubled My Dumbbells Using Micro Gainz Dumbbell Plates

How I Doubled My Dumbbells Using Micro Gainz Dumbbell Plates

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How I Doubled My Dumbbells Using Micro Gainz Dumbbell Plates


On my quest to fit as much equipment as possible inside my garage gym, I stumbled upon the Snode adjustable dumbbells.

 A set of dumbbells with a weight range from 10 to 80 lbs that take up as much space as two shoe boxes.


 Until I noticed they go up in 10 lbs increments…

The Problem

 Although 10 lbs weight jumps don’t seem like much with low weight, these 10 lbs weight increments become way harder the higher up in weight you go.

And for certain exercises like shoulder presses, lateral raises, and bicep curls, it can seem impossible to make big weight jumps.

 So that middle ground between the current weight and the next 10 lbs increment is missing.

Enter Micro Gainz Dumbbell Plates


So I found the solution to my problem with Micro Gainz dumbbell plates.

These spring loaded dumbbell plates clamp on to my dumbbell handles and surprisingly don’t move at all.



I got two sets of 2.5 lbs dumbbell plates (4 dumbbell plates in total).

This lets me go up in 2.5 lbs or 5 lbs weight increments progressively until I’m able to make the big 10 lbs jumps.

How Dumbell Plates Doubled My Dumbbells


With Micro Gainz dumbbell plates I was able to double my dumbbells without taking up any additional space in my garage and most importantly, without breaking the bank.

I’ll give you an example of how these work if I wanted to add more increments to my Snode dumbbells.



Above I have a 10 lbs dumbbell.


 The next weight increment for this dumbbell is 20 lbs so this is where Micro Gainz comes clutch.


 By adding a 2.5 lbs dumbbell plate, now I have a 12.5 lbs dumbbell.



And when I add a 2.5 lbs plate to the other end, I now have a 15 lbs dumbbell.

So I created two additional dumbbells without any extra space taken up.

Then I rinse and repeat for other weight increments.


Here’s a 20 lbs dumbbell.



Clamp on a dumbbell plate and now I have a 22.5 lbs dumbbell.


Throw the second plate on and it’s now a 25 lbs dumbbell.

I think you get the point…

Progressive Overload


Micro Gainz piggybacks on a simple muscle building concept that’s been around for thousands of years known as progressive overload.

In order for your muscles to grow, you must gradually and consistently challenge them to work harder over time.

Micro Gainz dumbbell plates and fractional weight plates allow you to break through plateaus with small increments.

When done consistently and over time, this helps you build muscle and get stronger.

Because it’s better to hit all your reps at a weight you can handle than to fail way shy of your desired rep range using weight you can’t handle.

Shredded Dad

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